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China’s media war on India – How does Indian media react?

China Vs India – Effect of war situation on China

China and India are all set to take on one another in Doklam issue. Chinese media is using all its tactics to make India believe that it will be a great loss for the democratic nation if it goes for war. Reports raised in Chinese media that blood donation camps were being conducted nearer to the border as the war may trigger causalities and immediately treatment. China is doing all its work to make sure Indians get the thought of quitting the region.

Chinese media is supporting the nation to that extent and it is the time for Indian media to stay with the government and the Army without thinking of the TRP ratings. Indian media is now not just a media working for minting money, but it is now on national duty. China is a communist nation and the media is expected to show only what the government says, but India is a democratic nation and Indian media can show what ever they want to. Even though Indian media has immense freedom, instead of using it to mint money, if it starts working on helping the nation stay strong, it would be great. Hope Indian top media channels understand and work accordingly.