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China’s support to Pakistan on terrorism

China dares India, says ready for ‘all-out confrontation’

China and Pakistan share good bonding. In the recent times, Trump made a statement that the White House will be stopping the aid to Pakistan’s military if the country moves ahead giving shelter to terrorists. On this, China came to the support of Pakistan saying that the nation is not a terrorist nation and USA needs to reconsider on stopping the funds to the Pakistan military. China further stated that Pakistan has played a vital role in eliminating terrorism and helping Afghanistan in various aspects.

It is a known fact that China supports Pakistan on the military side and as situation between India and China got worsened, China started helping Pakistan more on the weaponry side. If USA stops giving funding to Pakistan military, this will further reduce the strength of the China – Pakistan alliance. On the other hand, India is moving ahead with its allies Vietnam, Japan and Philippines by supplying defense systems. USA is making situation tough for China and Pakistan.