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Chiranjeevi disappointed Megafamily fans!

Megastar Chiranjeevi who is expected to entertain audience with his 150th film disappointed his fans by giving a statement that he is not interested in films. Soon after getting the power as the Central Tourism Minister, Chiranjeevi stated that he is not interested to complete 150 films benchmark.
Megastar expressed his words at heart to the media saying, “I was given the responsibility to serve the country and I am ready to do it with passion. I don’t have time for films and I am dedicating my life for politics.” Generally ‘Politician’ is the position with utmost responsibility. At the same time, an ‘Actor’ is also the position with responsibility. One cannot do justice to both the roles in the same time. If he does, he may lose concentration on one aspect which may lead to ultimate disaster and injustice.
Chiranjeevi is considered as a man who giving top priority for Justice and hence he might have chosen the path of Politics. Fans of Chiru are a bit disappointed hearing his statement but understood the intention behind it.