Telugu Politics

Chiru shared his views on PK’s Political career


Mega brothers Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan are rivals in Politics and it’s a known fact. But interestingly both of them didn’t fight with each other in any political dias. Chiru opened his mouth and expressed his opinion on Pawan’s politics.

Already Chiru explained that he welcomes Pawan’s decision to fight alone in another way. Now, he explains in depth about him. Chiru said that Pawan used to be an introvert but he used to observe everything in the society. He went on saying that Pawan is a straightforward person and this quality helps him to achieve success than old boring politics. Chiranjeevi thinks that Pawan will have a nice future and will emerge as a powerful leader in the future. As a rival, Chiru clarified that he won’t accept his ideologies but as a brother, he feels happy for Pawan’s political growth. He praised Pawan’s fight for Uddanam Kidney ailment sufferers issue.

Chiranjeevi declared that he and Pawan will not work together at any chance as he won’t leave Congress forever. However, he said in a well-matured way that even though their paths are different, their destinations are same that is public service.