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Chiru’s latest statement creating fear in TDP!

Chiru shared his views on PK’s Political career
Chiru shared his views on PK’s Political career

Megastar Chiranjeevi in a recent interview mentioned that not just common people but also the leaders from various political parties like him are aspiring for Pawan’s political entry. It is known that Jana Sena is slowly emerging into the real time politics in Andhra Pradesh. Even though it was formed before 2014 elections, Pawan supported TDP – BJP alliance in that elections.

Pawan is slowly building Jana Sena and Chiru didn’t make a mistake jumping into the party at that time itself. But now, his recent statement focuses the fact that if Jana Sena gets the right road map, he will surely join hands with Pawan Kalyan for the 2019 elections. That will be a big blow to TDP as it will be losing a major support.

On the other hand, things are not clear between TDP and BJP and the parties are trying their best to stay together in spite of the problems. If Jana Sena looks powerful, we can expect BJP to shift its focus towards Jana Sena. This will make Jana Sena more competent to TDP and YSRC in 2019 elections.