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CM’s helicopter burnt – Major fire accident in Begumpet Airport


One of the most oldest airports in Andhra Pradesh, Begumpet Airport was seen in an extreme condition at 11:30PM yesterday. This airport was subjected to major fire accident which occupied a part of the airport like a forest fire. Highly inflammable aviation fuel storage tanks were caught in the fire which caused 3 explosions.

This airport was being used to train Indian Air Force pilots and other aviation school students. Majority of the planes in this airport belongs to these 2 categories. CM’s helicopter and few other VIP choppers were parked in this airport. In this fire accident, CM’s helicopter which was given by the State Government was completely burnt.

Along with this chopper, few other VIP aircrafts were damaged in this fire accident. This accident is stated to be the biggest one in the last 3 decades span in Begumpet. CM Kiran Kumar Reddy ordered the authorities to take control over the situation and stop the blazing fire. Electrical Short Circuit is expected to be the cause for this accident. Stay tuned to know more about this fire accident.