Telugu Politics

Complete the Metro by 2018:Orders KCR


Telangana CM KCR has ordered his government officials to complete the entire Metro rail project by August 2018 at any cost.

KCR has had a short meeting with the project government officials and heads of L & T company regarding this prestigious Metro Project. As this project is supposed to get completed by June 2017, he has extended the deadline for another 14 months as the things are out of hand due to various financial problems and land acquisitions for routes. So he set the new deadline for August of 2018. Even though some routes like Miyapur-SR Nagar and Nagole to Mettuguda has completed, the government is yet to take a call. 

Anyhow, KCR is so keen on completing the entire works for Miyapur-LB Nagar route which comes under Corridor-1 by the end of 2017. He wants to start operations for that route, which is one of the most important and busiest corridors of the entire Metro project. If this project completed by 2018, the Hyderabad people will enjoy the fastest yet economical journey.