Telugu Politics

Criminal track record: AP is No.2 and Telengana is No.4

In the entire nation, Andhra Pradesh took No.2 position in the number of murders. Telengana took No.4 in the list. As per the survey reports, almost 1099 murders were registered in the state of AP in a span of one year. In this 1099 murders, 198 murders are due to external affairs. In Telengana almost 156 murder cases were linked with external affairs. With the raise in western culture in the states of AP and Telengana, youngsters were said to be showing interest in external affairs.

Gruhahima related issues too were said to be on peaks in the two Telugu speaking states. Maharastra took the No.1 slot in criminal track record. IT industry is booming in the Telugu speaking states and as the money is flowing in the hands, youngsters were showing more interest on external pleasures, which is stepping up ahead to murder. Lets hope that the states work together to reduce the criminal track record.