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Crores of rupees deposited in Vijayawada lecturers accounts!


Gandhi Womens College turned into a sensation in Vijayawada due to a scam that came on to the media in the recent times. As per the details, Gandhi Womens College correspondent transferred few Crores of rupees into the accounts of the lecturers of the same college and asked them to transfer back as white money using withdraw forms.

It seems that the correspondent didn’t say anything before on this to the lecturers and hence they were shocked when they got messages from the bank that their accounts were filled with Crores of money. It is a noted fact that the IT raids are on progress heavily and any suspicious activity of this sort will be traced immediately and the fine is said to be on peaks. Fearing on this, the lecturers immediately contacted the police department and the respective correspondent was arrested.

Investigation is on progress and more details are set to hit the media soon.