Telugu Politics

Crucial decision-making time for KCR and CBN


After Centre making it so clear that the Assembly seats in the both Telugu States can’t be increased, the Supremes of both parties TDP and TRS are in a huge crucial moment to work on party’s internal affairs.

After the bifurcation, both TRS and TDP has got their power in their respected states. Both the CMs are highly indulged in their State’s development in their respective regions. Apart from burning issues like Demonetization, lack of funds for projects, the CM’s of two states are facing an important issue. As Centre has declared that they are not going to increase in Assembly seats, the time has come for both CM’s to work on allotment of party tickets for upcoming 2019’s general elections.

After winning, TRS has got more than 15 MLA’s to the party from Congress and TDP in Telangana. In Andhra Pradesh, more than 20 MLA’s from YSRCP has jumped to TDP. Now both the CM’s are in a dilemma to manage the existing seats between the deflectors and senior permanent loyalists. However, the seats will be given with criteria based on loyalty, grip on the particular area, fame, and hard work for the party. Even though there are 2 years for the 2019 General Elections, CM’s should work from now to resolve issues before the election campaign.