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Currency strike: 10 bankers and 50 common people died


Currency strike is showing impact on the lives of the common people and the bankers. As per the reports, around 10 bankers and 50 common people died in the last couple of weeks due to heavy work pressure and standing in long queues. A 49 year old person from Delhi recently died while standing in the long queue. It seems that he fainted and collapsed to the ground. By the time people took him to the hospital, he was no more.

A banker from Nellore too was stated to have got heart attack and died in the bank while on duty. High pressure is said to be the reason for the bankers to lose their lives. Most of the bankers were working from 8AM to 10PM. On the other hand, several common people were standing in long queues and few elders in the lines were being subjected to health issues.

Few banks were arranging special lines for elders and few were arranging chairs for the people standing in the queue.