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Damarukam Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Release Date: 23-11-2012

After long waiting, King Nagarjuna starrer graphically high end flick “Damarukam” came on to the silver screens worldwide today. Nagarjuna and his crew did good job with respect to technical aspects. Graphics in the film are worth watching.


Mallikarjuna alias Malli (Nagarjuna) drives taxi to help his family financially. Malli lost his parents in an accident and from that time onwards he looked after his sister like a father. With that accident, Malli develops hatred towards Lord Shiva. During the course of time, Malli meets Mahi (Anushka) and falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Mahi will be targeted by the villain Andakasura (Ravi Shankar). This guy wants to destroy the Earth marrying Mahi. In fact, Mahi was born on an auspicious day and if Andakasura marries her and give her as offering, his wish to destroy Earth gets fulfilled. Lord Shiva helps Malli to counter attack Andakasura. How Malli succeed in destroying the evil is the remaining story.

Cast performance:

Nagarjuna and Anushka made their presence on the screen with few comedy scenes, romantic episodes and graphical scenarios. Ravi Shankar dominated the cast by acting in the role of Andakasura. His performance was on the peak. He deserves big round of applause. Versatile actor Prakash Raj donned the role of Lord Shiva. He looked a bit different in that role.

Technical aspects:

Director Srinivas Reddy tried his best to provide high quality flick. His attempt to make this film a graphical feast can be seen in the form of screenplay. But it looked like this film needs more visualization and handling ability. Whatever, Srinivas Reddy attempted to take such a huge budgeted, technically high end film and his courage can be appreciated. Producer didn’t compromise on the production values. Music director Devi Sri Prasad once again proved himself with this film. His background score perfectly surrounded the scene in the theatre.

In Short:

Second half of the film is quite good compared to first half as it contains more visual effects. Director planned to make spectators enjoy comedy and romance in the first half and graphics in the second part. There are few minor drawbacks in the film but on an average the attempt of “Damarukam” team is good. Enjoy the film with your family!

Cast: Nagarjuna, Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj, Ravi Shankar, Ganesh

Cinematography: Chota K.Naidu

Editing: Gautam Raju

Production House: RR Movie Makers

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Director: Srinivas Reddy