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Damarukam postponement continues – Next release date is


King Nagarjuna, ravishing beauty Anushka Shetty starrer film “Damarukam” is postponed 3 times. Now it looks like the film will be postponed for the 4th time. It is known that the film makers planned to release the film on November 23rd. Insiders are saying that this is not going to happen. 
It seems that the production house RR Movie Makers need to pump huge amount in the form of interest to the financiers. Unless and until they come up with the money, this film cannot be released. Presently, RR Movie Makers are trying their best to adjust the money but their attempts are not being so successful. The things were not in the right position now. If “Damarukam” releases in this week, media should get official statement from the film makers by today.
The promotional activities should be started and nothing is going on. Mostly the next release date would be in December 3rd week. Few sources close to “Damarukam” team revealed this issue. But we cannot relay on temporary sources. We have to wait for some more time to know the official declaration of release date from the film makers.