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Daughter scared Bollywood King Khan

Top Bollywood hero Sharukh Khan is one of the most luckiest person on this Earth. He achieved all the things he aspired in his life. He got into his dream profession, married his love interest and now enjoying to the peak with his children.

Recently, this father got a chance to watch a horror film with his daughter Suhana. It is a known fact that Sharukh Khan loves his daughter a lot. It seems that the horror film which was chosen by Suhana was too scary. Sharukh Khan revealed his experience in his microblogging site saying, “Watching a horror film with Daughter…She isn't scared…I am scared for her…or Am I just scared myself?? Either way…Scared!!” Finally, Suhana succeeded in scaring her father to the peak. This incident shows the love and affection of Sharukh Khan towards his family.