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Dawood Ibrahim’s health update from Karachi

International terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, who was the main person behind the Mumbai blasts, was said to be in hospital in Pakistan due to ill health. His health condition is said to have got worse and reports raised in the media that he is in serious condition. But, recently, an Indian journalist dialed a number which he got from some sources and tried to talk to Dawood Ibrahim. It seems that it is Dawood’s number in Karachi.

As per the information from the journalist, Dawood was safe and with good health in Karachi. As soon as Dawood came to know that a journalist from India is on phone from the other side, he gave away the phone to his assistant. After few talks, the assistant is said to have asked the journalist to message his questions to another number. With this, it is conformed that Dawood is still alive and is in good health.