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Demand increasing for divorcees in India


In olden days, divorcees are treated as the people who failed to understand life and partners. This trend is slowly changing in India. Now divorcees are treated as experienced candidates in learning life and making partner happy.

If we consider the case of celebrities in India, silver screen heroine Sri Devi married Boney Kapoor who was a divorcee at that time. Latest one in the list is Vidya Balan who married UTV head Siddharth Roy. Now another beauty Rani Mukharjee came into lime light. This beauty is stated to be dating film producer Aditya Chopra. Sources are saying that their marriage will be held in January, 2013.

Official declaration from the actress is not yet revealed regarding the marriage. Aditya Chopra is also a divorcee and hence we can say that this trend is occupying the space at brisk pace. The aspect ‘Whether Indians can encourage divorces or not’ has become a debate topic in India. So folks, say your opinion.