Telugu Politics

Devineni Nehru’s present situation in dilemma


Post-bifurcation, many leaders from Congress Party has shifted loyalties for their future politics. One among those are important leaders is Devineni Nehru from Vijayawada. His state now is in a huge perplexed situation. Let us see this issue in brief.

As the Congress Party has got a very bad name in Andhra Pradesh for the reason of bifurcation, the party has lost its charm. Even the strong congress leader like Devineni Nehru has lost against the TDP MLA Gadde Rammohan Rao in 2014 elections for East Vijayawada Assembly Constituency. But the TDP Supreme Chandrababu Naidu has invited him to his party by offering him an MLC seat along with an MLA ticket for his son Avinash in 2019 elections. Then everything went perfect and Nehru has joined TDP. But his rival from the same party MLA Rammohan Rao has not on good terms with Nehru. Even the Krishna District TDP leaders and heads are not inviting Nehru to any important government or party meetings.

Now this former congress leader has been regretting his decision of entering TDP. In this position, he can neither continue in TDP without much-needed support, nor he can go back to Congress which has absolutely no future in politics of AP. political observers state that he will continue in TDP which will be at least in power and hope for some post in the future.