Telugu Politics

Digital salaries to workers:Dattatreya


Union Labour minister Bandaru Dattatreya has declared that the Centre would soon go for the Payment of Wages Act which would ensure the workers get salaries either through cheque or in their bank accounts.

Speaking to the media at Hyderabad, Bandaru Dattatreya said that this particular decision from their leader Modi is laudable. This would help the workers who were exploited by their employers. This will have the chance of having perfect salaries to workers without any reduction from their heads. He claimed that 5 crores more jobs would be created in the country for youngsters in the private sector soon by PM Modi. He went on praising his leader Modi by stating that his mission to end the unemployment in India by 2022 at any cost.

Once again Dattatreya has faced a question from media on demonetization. He cleverly answered that he and his party leaders are sticking to PM’s step and they feel happy to black out all the unaccounted money in the country.