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Dilsukhnagar bomb blast culprits to get hanged


Three and half years back, bomb blasts in Dilsukhnagar turned to be the sensation in Andhra Pradesh. The culprits in this case were caught and were investigated for the last couple of years. NIA special court is taking up the process of investigating and giving judgement in this case. Yaseen Bhatkal, Asadullah Aktar, Rehman, Muhammad Tahaseen Aktar and Ajaj Shaik were considered to be the main culprits in this case.

All of them were issued death sentence by the NIA court and the culprits were said to be in the process appealing it in the supreme court. On the other hand, around 19 innocent people were dead and 138 people got injured in the bomb blasts in 2013 Feb 21st in Dilsukhnagar. The main culprit in this case Riaz Bhatkal has not yet been caught and the Police officials were trying to catch him as soon as possible.

We have to wait for some more time to know if supreme court gives a positive judgement or a negative one in this case, if they appeal.