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Doctors asked Sharmila to stop Padhayatra!

YSR Congress leader Sharmila is getting good attention from audience as her “Maro Praja Prasthanam” Padhayatra is reaching the masses perfectly. But Sharmila encountered a hurdle in the form of knee injury in BN Reddy Nagar. After examining the situation, doctor advised Sharmila to stop Padhayatra for atleast a day.

It seems that Sharmila injured her knee while getting down from the vehicle. The people surrounding her supported her at that time and arranged a doctor. After examining the scenario, doctors stated that this mild injury may cause more damage if Sharmila continues Padhayatra without taking rest. They advised her to take rest for Saturday.

Following the advice of the doctors, Sharmila is taking leave on Saturday. Padhayatra will resume from Sunday. Sharmila is striving hard to help her brother YS Jagan to gain the ultimate power in Andhra Pradesh.