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Drugs case sensation: Websites which normal people can’t access!

Drugs case in Hyderabad is passing alert message to the entire nation. Police investigation is on full swing and several interesting aspects were coming on to the media. Apart from the Police department in Telengana, other states too were focusing on the drugs cases in their respective states. As celebrities were said to be involved in this case, Police officials sent alert messages to all the states who have high profile people.

Now a new sensation is entering the media. The sensation is regarding dark net, which is a group of websites which normal people can’t access. It seems that the Drug dealers and Mafia use dark net to talk to their customers and get the deal done. These websites are encrypted in such a level that normal people can’t hack them to know their content while only the ones with specified codes can get into it.

Regional Drug dealers were said to be in contact with international organizations through this channel and investigations are on progress.