Telugu Politics

East and West Godavari to lose hundreds of Crores


Godavari regions are famous for cock fights and Pongal is the season where several big shot politicians will be participating in the cock fights. Few hundreds of Crores will be invested in these cock fights and in just 10 – 15 days, this region will do huge business. Even police officials were not allowed to this region at that time as all the top politicians will be backing these cock fights.

Due to the currency strike, East and West Godavari will be losing major chunk of this money for this Pongal. It is known that the film industry and the real estate were already down in the country. Now, currency strike is set to reduce the regional businesses too. Generally, most of the money which will be kept in betting is black and as Modi is cleaning the entire black money in the country, we can expect to see cock fight business to go down by almost 50%.