Telugu Politics

EC’s new proposal: Political Parties in vain


The Election Commission of India has been utilizing the already existed demonetization effect as its weapon to curb the corruption in India. Its new proposal is making the political parties restless.

The EC has proposed the center to ban all the donations for political parties which are above 1,900 rupees. They suggest the center cut down the limit of donations to make the corruption even less. Earlier the political parties used to receive big donations of lakhs and crores of rupees as party fund. All these donations were unaccounted black money which they used to spend prior to the elections. So EC asked the center to cut down the limit from 20,000 to 2,000 rupees to make everything transparent. They are even assuring the center that they can audit the accounts if necessary. If center accepts this proposal, then there will be a big political difference in the country for upcoming elections.

If political parties have to receive small funds of 2,000 rupees each and all the funds are being audited, then there will be no chance of donating black money. All the parties will be running out of money to use for the election campaign. Then the true leaders will be elected which in turn change the direction of India.