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Farmers turning beggars in Telangana?

Are farmers turning beggars in Telangana? Seems so according to T-TDP firebrand leader, party working president Revanth Reddy. According to the latest Revanth Reddy launched blistering attack on Telangana CM KCR and also the ruling TRS government. Revanth Reddy who has been attacking KCR on various fronts eversince he swore in as CM of the state,this time attacked KCR accusing him of turning farmers into virtual beggars. 
He highlighted how Chilli,turmeric and red gram farmers have been facing problems after following the advice of the government. He said farmers on the advice of the TRS government headed by KCR went for commercial crops and fell victims to a cartel formed by the traders. He said cartel formed by the traders slashed the prices plunging farmers in losses of crores of rupees. He asked KCR not to tell cock and bull stories to take people for a ride but implement remunerative prices for the farmers and solve their problems. 
Revanth Reddy got mellowed sometime back after he was sent packing to Chanchalguda jail on cash for vote scam when he was caught redhanded offering money to TRS MLC. Before that Revanth Reddy sought to expose the scams of KCR,Harish Rao,KTR and Kavitha earning their wrath.