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Film industry to Telengana – Film University to Andhra?

Telugu film industry is the one which is quite popular in Telengana region. Tollywood was the industry for both the Telugu speaking states and as the states got divided, industry went into Hyderabad region which will be for Telengana. Even though Hyderabad is the joint capital for both the states, in future, it will be completely for Telengana. In this scenario, “Will Andhra Pradesh get Film University?” turned to be an interesting question.

As Tollywood is growing bigger day by day and is all set to dominate Bollywood soon, models are coming to Tollywood to learn the basics of acting before making their career big. In this scenario, a full fledged film university from government’s side would be a good approach to tap the market. Even though private university from Akkineni family was there in Hyderabad, government’s initiative to introduce a course curriculum and teachers from film industry would help lot of youngsters to get jobs in this sector.