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Film makers punch dialogues on Censor Board officer

Censor Board turned controversy from the past few months. Almost all the films which were released in the past 3 months were subjected to agitation in Andhra Pradesh. What ever may be the reason, that agitation finally turned towards Censor Board as they are the persons who are responsible for clearing objectionable scenes and dialogues.
Recently, few film makers showered punch dialogues on Censor Board officer Dhana Lakshmi. Producer C Kalyan stated that, “Majority of the people in Censor Board are either illiterates or Non-Telugu speaking people. Dhana Lakshmi’s appointment as officer for Censor Board is a scam. I have the proof.” Another film director Teja revealed that, “She could neither read Telugu nor judge what is wrong in the film. 9 Crore Telugu people are watching a film which was reviewed by a Non-Telugu officer. This is really shameful.”
The raising levels of heat in audience as well as film makers may result in transfer of Dhana Lakshmi. There were few statements rounding in Film Nagar that a well known producer stopped the transfer orders of Dhana Lakshmi. We have to wait for some more time to know where these agitations drive to.