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For the first time,things went out of my control:CBN


At last the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has accepted his failure in having a control over the demonetization effect in the State after 12 days.

The CM who claimed that he is one of the reasons for this beautiful step of banning 500 and 1000 notes in India to eradicate black money is now suffering for the same effect. Even after the 12 days of demonetization rule, the things in State do not yet come under control . he has expressed his distress, anguish and his inability to take control of the situation of the State. Finally, he gave up and appealed all the government institutions and banks to kindly help the people of the state.

CBN has also given some advice to his government sectors to decrease this problem. He claimed that the RBI has sent 2000 crores of new notes and among them, 400 crores are of 100 notes denomination and it is the duty of the bank to tender the required change to poor people. He asked Banks to set up call centers to be in contact with common people to know their problems.

The chief minister has also advised the banks to train 60 lakhs students about online banking as those students can teach and train all the people in the countryside to increase online banking. He has asked government organizations to provide poS’s at all their offices including transport organizations to have money trade through cards. CBN is trying hard to take everything in control and has been working for it.