Telugu Politics

Flash News: 2000 rupee notes to get demolished!


Demonetization has got great change in the nation. Several black money holders were caught and huge amount of black money was seized by the IT department in the last few days. 1000 rupee notes were demolished and as these notes were the highest one in Indian currency, majority of the black money holders have the currency in these notes. They struggled to convert them and finally gave up by either leaving them in the river or getting caught trying to convert them.

2000 rupee notes were now pushed into the public for usage and the finance expert Gurumurthy mentioned that the government is issuing 2000 rupee notes just to make the black money holders go for it. At present, several black money holders were caught by the IT department and few people escaped by converting their 500 and 1000 rupee notes into 2000 rupee notes by some means. But if government bans 2000 rupee notes, these black money holders will once again fall in the IT departments hands.

As per the financial expert Gurumurthy, this is expected to happen in the next 5 years and that is the reason why Indian government is releasing 2000 rupee notes. It seems that 500 will stay as the highest currency note in India.