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Flash News: Damarukam release confirmed on Nov 23rd

Looks like Lord Shiva finally blessed the film makers of “Damarukam”. The latest update from the film unit is that the film makers finalized the release date on November23rd. It seems that they cleared the financial issues an hour back.
King Nagarjuna, dusky beauty Anushka Shetty are acting in lead roles in this film. Right from the commencement of shooting, this film is encountering series of hurdles. It is known that the film’s release date has been postponed several times. The main reason behind this issue is that the film makers sunk in financial crisis.
Now the film producer settled the financial issues with the film financiers and hence the film’s release date was confirmed as November 23rd. This time we can expect that the film releases on the prescribed date. Get ready to enjoy the graphical feast dudes!