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Flash News: Impact of the Earthquake in Ferndale, California


California State witnessed 6.5 magnitude Earthquake at around 7AM today. Few people were stated to have got frightened with the heavy Earthquake and the government officials reported seeing few minor quakes after the big one. As per the media reports, no causalities were reported till now and no one was majorly injured due to this EarthQuake.

Government officials didn’t mention any damages to the property in the California region. The source for this Earthquake is said to be located 104 miles away from the seashore from Ferndale, California. People from San Francisco too were stated to have experienced the Earthquake. California state was built with all measures taken to prevent damage due to Earthquakes, as the state was prone to lots of major and minor quakes all the time.

Hence, no major damage was seen but the Earthquake was said to be heavy and is said to have been experienced by people in majority of the cities in California.