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Flash News: Jayalalitha passed away

Jayalalitha speaks for a few minutes: Apollo Chairman

Jayalalitha’s health is taking several turns. Initially, she was said to be in danger and later on, Apollo Hospitals mentioned that Jayalaitha was on ventilators and is recovering well. Yesterday, Apollo Hospitals released a press note that Jayalalitha had a cardiac arrest and the condition is critical. In the press release, Apollo Hospitals mentioned that critical care specialists were roped in to save Jayalalitha.

Today, Professor Richard from London who is treating Jayalalitha on emergency basis released a note to the media saying that they were trying their best to save her. He further said that only the prayers should help her recover from the health issue. Few media sources mentioned that Jayalalitha passed away on December 5th at 11:30PM, which raised chaos situation in the state.

AIADMK members asked these media officials not to spread such updates without an official report from Apollo Hospitals. They mentioned that her position is still critical and is under treatment.  Official report from Apollo Hospitals got released few minutes back and it mentioned that Jayalalitha has passed away.

Unlike the previous press releases, Apollo Hospitals released a detailed press note saying all the treatments they gave to the Tamil Nadu CM right from the day she was admitted to the hospital. They finally declared Jayalalitha to be dead. May her soul rest in peace.