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Gali Janardhan’s 6 Crores deal with Tollywood


Gali Janardhan Reddy’s daughter marriage has been a most talked aspect in November. It is known that everyone feels that the marriage in their home should be talked about for almost a decade and looks like Gali Janardhan’s daughter marriage will get such a status. If it is for the good reason it would have been better but this marriage is being talked on for IT raids and the black money aspects.

The recent buzz is that the mining don Gali Janardhan Reddy spent 6 Crores on Tollywood performances on the wedding day and IT officials were stated to have got evidences to prove the same. It is known that the Gali family showed 30 Crores as marriage expenses which turned the eyes of IT officials and the latest evidence is slowly revealing the original numbers behind the wedding.

If the IT officials got the right evidence, we can say that the Tollywood stars who gave performance in the marriage event will face tough times from the IT department in the next few days!