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Gender Gap Index 2016 – India Vs Pakistan


India vs Pakistan has been an amazing term in Asia. When ever people see this term, they thing about Cricket match. In all the aspects, India is crossing Pakistan, even though both the nations got independence at the same time. In space research, defense, educational levels, technology, etc, India has been way ahead of Pakistan. In case of the recent Gender Gap results for 2016, Pakistan has been awarded 143rd position while India has got 87th position.

144 countries participated in this survey and Pakistan almost got the last position. Yemen took the 144th slot while rich nation like Saudi Arabia got 141st place. These results were as per the Gender discrimination and the inequalities in the respective countries, in various job related sectors and in the society. European nations were on the top of the list. Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden occupied the top slots in these rankings. USA bagged 45th position while Asian nation of Philippines bagged 7th place, which is the top in Asia.