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German company’s 35% share of Khaidi No.150 US collections!

Limelight: Khaidi No.150 has political touch too!

One of the popular network providers T – Mobile came up with a new offer for the New Year called T – Mobile Tuesdays. Under this offer, T – Mobile customers can signup with their mobile number and they get a movie ticket for $2. The rest of the money will be paid by T – Mobile for the distributors.

As “Khaidi No.150” got released in USA on Tuesday, most of the spectators used this offer to watch the flick. As it is just $2 unlike the regular $12 – 15, people showed much interest to watch the flick on the week day itself rather than waiting till the weekend. This boosted US collections of “Khaidi No.150” to maximum extent. As per trade analysts report, 35% of the tickets were booked under this scheme and the fans who are using other networks, asked their American friends to get them the tickets.

Unfortunately, this scheme is just on Tuesday and doesn’t help Balakrishna’s “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni”. Not sure if Mega Family know this and moved the release date to 11th Jan. If it is the case, it is definitely a strategic move by the Mega Family.