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Gionee’s master deal with Prabhas – Bad to nation?

Chinese company Gionee is said to have offered a bomb to Prabhas to be their Indian brand ambassador. Seeing the success of “Bahubali”, this Chinese company felt that Prabhas is the right fit to market their product in the nation. As per the talk, Prabhas is said to be excited with the offer and is moving ahead to sign the deal. Currently, he is in US trip and will be back to India if few days. Gionee will officially announce the deal once Prabhas is back to India.

On the other side, there is a talk in the social media on, “Will this impact Prabhas career and will it be bad for the nation for Prabhas to promote a Chinese brand?” It is known that several merchants in North India discarded Chinese products and started selling Indian made products. In fact, several Indians were posting in social media on usage of Indian products and banning Chinese ones.

In this scenario, Gionee is making a smart move by roping in Prabhas but is the other way round a right deal? We have to wait for some more time to know the answer.