Telugu Politics

Go for full cashless transactions:KCR orders his officials


The Telangana CM KCR has arranged a special review meeting on the ongoing demonetization and currency crisis in his state. He has made some important instructions to his officials.

Speaking to his government higher order officials, he has asked everyone to go for full online cashless transactions rather than solid cash. He opined that this is the only way to fight with the current currency crisis. He reminded them to train and create some awareness to use some apps used for cash transactions without the internet. He then stressed that banks should cooperate with the state government in installing more ATM’s and updating servers of old ATM’s.

KCR stated that Ibrahimpur in Siddipet Mandal is the first village in the history of Telangana State to have complete cashless transactions. He then hoped the entire Siddipet Assembly Constituency to become cashless transactions zone. He asked officials to upgrade the cashless transaction equipment like swiping machines all over the State. Seems KCR is trying hard to come up with the challenge of demonetization.