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Good news for Telugu students: Aerospace University in Adibatla

Good times are on progress for India. Development all over the nation is on peaks. Right from manufacturing till education, all the domains were progressing at brisk pace in India. TRS government is quick to give permissions and help in the establishment of Aerospace University in Adibatla. As per the information, London based University is helping in the establishment of the Aerospace University and in the technical stuff.

Adding to this, Adibatla is turning into a hub for Aerospace companies. TRS government is giving permissions within 15 days for the companies to start their operation. Ease of doing business is high in Telengana region and TRS government is making sure that it encourages as many startups as possible in the coming years. If this is the case, lot of Indian students will have good set of options after completing their Engineering. Great going by the Telengana government. Stay tuned for more updates.