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What is Guru’s connection to a Telugu film?

Victory Venkatesh’s recent film Guru is doing well at the box office. The film featured Venkatesh in a new avtar as a boxing coach under the direction of Sudha Kongara. Film gave a new experience to Telugu movie lovers breaking away from routine mass masala entertainers. 
Venkatesh stunned all with his new bearded look and tough macho body language as a boxing coach. Ritika Singh performed well as a boxer. The film is a remake of Tamil Hindi bilingual entertainer Sala Khadoos starring Madhavan and Ritika Singh. 
Guru is getting rave reviews and the film captured the imagination of all with the realistic treatment of boxing game, politics,insults,struggles before winning the medal. But many say Guru is inspired by a Telugu film Ashwini which came some 26 years back. 
Usha Kiran Movies came with Ashwini, a biopic on athlete Ashwini Nachappa. The film starred Bhanuchander as a coach and Ashwini as a a girl in slums who struggles hard to become a top athlete. The point is similar, sports may be different but politics are similar. Sudha Kongara may not be aware of the Telugu film Ashwini. 
Venkatesh however should be complimented for doing the role and bringing back memories of Ashwini,which came 26 years back.