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Happy to work with CBN to help the country:KCR


KCR has made it so clear that he is ready and open to help CBN in the demonetization issue for the salvation of currency problems in India.

We all know that currently, the Nation is facing the wrath of demonetization in every corner of the country. Common people has become main sufferers. So PM Modi with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has formed a committee of 5 members of CBN and 4 BJP Cms lead by CBN himself. So KCR when contacted by Centre, he clarified that he is happy to cooperate with his rival CBN to solve the problems of currency ban.

KCR said that he has welcomed the committee idea and he is very much interested in working with CBN for the sake of Nation. He even said that he was in an important cabinet meeting when the center contacted him but later he talked back and extended his support for the center. He highlighted that his Telangana State has already started the measures to fight with the scarcity of notes by having e-commerce.