Telugu Politics

Harish Rao to give shock to KCR?

Speculation is increasing whether Harish Rao,nephew of Telangana CM KCR is getting ready to give shock following his differences with his uncle. Till now many rumours came about the differences between Harish Rao and KCR but Harish Rao continued remaining silence. 
His silence without coming-out with any clarification is triggering rumours that Harish Rao may quit TRS and give huge shock to his uncle KCR. Inside talk is Congress and BJP are trying their best to wean him away from the TRS party. 
However Harish Rao speaking to scribes rubbished all the rumours saying he is the loyal member of the party and opposition is planting these rumours to bring divide between the family members and the party. He said he has no differences with KTR and also his father KCR. He said KCR will be the CM for another ten years and KTR is not in a hurry to become CM. 
Recently rumours spread that KCR is planning to elevate his son KTR to the top post and Harish Rao is angry with it. BJP leader Krishna Sagar Rao says KTR issued statement that KCR will be CM for another ten years and Harish Rao told that KCR will be CM for 20 years. He wondered whether KTR discounted ten years in just three days.