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HC shocks Jagan’s camp by dismissing Vijaysai’s petition


The Joint High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has dismissed the petition filed by Vijaysai Reddy seeking the stay on CBI inquiries and trails every week.

VIiaysai Reddy, the mastermind behind the Jagan’s businesses in converting his black money to white has been arrested by CBI even before the arrest of Jagan for all the black money they have. Even after the release of Vijay Sai Reddy, he has been attending CBI inquiry every week as per the direction of the court. So Vijaysai Reddy has filed a petition to have a stay on CBI inquiry every week and granting him some relaxation.

But surprisingly, the High Court has dismissed the petition as the hearings are poor from his side. Despite the dismissal, the HC has directed Vijaysai to file a petition on CBI Special Court. Then the HC shocked him by ordering the CBI Special court to speed up the Jagan’s case to complete it as soon as possible.

This has made the YSRCP Camp dull as they are planning to utilize all their means to fight against the ruling TDP to defeat it in upcoming 2019 general elections. Even though Vijayasai Reddy files a petition in CBI court seeking the stay on CBI trails, for sure his petition will get dismissed. Either way, the Jagan’s batch is in trouble.