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Hi-Tech loss for Hyderabad due to drugs case!

Drugs case sensation: Websites which normal people can’t access!

Looks like the drugs case turned out to be an eye opener for the entire city of Hyderabad. The raising Hi-Tech culture in the city increased the number of pubs in the recent times. But due to the recent drugs case, most of the pubs in Hyderabad were now being seen empty. Parents of the rich kids were said to have given strong warning to their kids as this sort of issues were directly linked to the reputation of their families.

Police forces are keeping an eye on most of the pubs to catch the drug victims and dealers in the city. In this scenario, even if a person gets investigation call, the family of the person may face lot of trouble with respect to reputation issues in the society. Due to this aspect, people were avoiding pubs for some time and this is creating Hi-Tech cultural loss to the city. This infact is good in cultural point of view.