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Hot beauty shocked seeing her own fans

Fans are the world for a film celebrity. Every star aspires to gather huge set of fans all over the region. Having good fan bank looks great but sometimes it creates problems. Recently, a hot South Indian beauty encountered problem with flooding fans.

The heroine which was stated in the first paragraph is none other than Lakshmi Rai. She went to Pondicherry to work for a film’s shooting. Film makers are canning a romantic song on the lead pair in the outdoor location. Knowing this issue, the people from all the surrounding places rushed to the shooting arena to watch the flick.

It seems that the crowd was too heavy at the shooting spot and the film unit members found it tough to control the spectators. Lakshmi Rai was shocked seeing the emerging crowd. At an instant, Lakshmi Rai was struck in the middle of the mob and she was scared with that incident. Finally she experienced the most difficult time in her life.