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Hot heroine took 6 takes for lip lock!


Lip lock became quite essential in films now-a-days. Upcoming Kollywood film “Settai” is embedded with a hot lip lock episode. Arya, Anjali and Hansika are acting in the roles of main leads in this venture. It seems that the film director strived hard to convince Anjali for lip lock scene. 
Initially when the film director told lip lock scene to Anjali, she felt upset. It seems that she went to her room and sat there without talking to anyone. Film director went to her room and explained the importance of kissing scene in the film. He even tried to convince her saying that the Hindi version of this film “Delhi Belly” is having a kissing episode. In spite of his efforts, Anjali didn’t feel like acting in kissing scene. 
Finally film hero Arya convinced her for the kissing episode. It seems that she took 6 takes to do that scene. Anjali might have felt bad for making her act in kissing scene and that too for 6 takes. Sometimes film heroines need to do as per the demands of the character.