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Hot heroine’s rate – 1.4 Crores for just 8 minutes stage show!


Hot Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor is a huge competitors for Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu. This beauty is stated to take around 1.4 Crores for an hour stage show in Chattisgarh. Even though she took the amount for an hour, the stage show lasted for just 8 minutes.

Most astonishing issue is that this rate is not for the New Year party. As a part of Rajayotasava celebrations, Kareena Kapoor and 244 other artists performed stage shows in between November 1st and November 7th. For a dance performance in this event, Kareena Kapoor charged that hefty sum from the government. This news came out as one of the ruling party leader wrote letter to state assembly saying the details.

If Kareena Kapoor gets such lump sum amount for just 8 minutes show that too in the non season, how much will she get if she goes for a stage show on New Year party? The rate is beyond imagination. Presently, Kareena is enjoying honeymoon with Saif Ali Khan in Switzerland and hence she may not be a part of New Year parties this year.