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Human’s intention to stop unexpected incident on 21-12-2012


21-12-2012 is just 2 days ahead. There were several rumors that this day is going to be the last day for all the creatures on Earth. Scientists clearly stated that there is nothing to worry on that date but the human’s mindset which was fixed long back with the idea that the Earth is going to end on that day is not getting stabilized.

Human’s intention to fight with the natural calamities is common. Generally Humans seek the help of the Lord in this case and the same thing is going to be seen on 21-12-2012. It seems that the people all over the world planned to spend that day praying in Temples and Churches. Special prayer sessions were being organized by the respective officials on that day.

There were several films which showed the spectators all over the world how the world is going to end in 2012. At that time, people enjoyed the film with utmost interest but now the feeling of fear is dominating the excitement. Anyways, lets see what happens on 21-12-2012.