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Hyderabad as IOT entrepreneurship hub

Entrepreneurship is raising in India. is now aiming to bring the status of IOT Entrepreneurship hub to Hyderabad. IOT devices which would help in building better infrastructure are now the key points for the government. With the recent rains, Hyderabad has been completely destroyed and people were convinced that the city has very poor infrastructure facilities. This infact will crush the market as companies would prefer for alternative cities over Hyderabad.

To overcome this, KTR and his team were aiming to use IOT solutions for monitoring and maintaining infrastructure in the city. Government will be the main customer for IOT Entrepreneurs in Hyderabad and the solutions will be deployed in the city for testing. As per the information, government is setting aside a huge chunk of money to develop high end technology for the city. On the other hand, people of Hyderabad are suffering with non stop rains and completely filled roads.