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Hyderabad: No water but amazing water falls!

Hyderabad is one of the regions in Telengana where water scarcity is on peaks. Interestingly, the water which the city gets from rainfall is not properly managed to get stored and used for future. Due to poor drainage system and rain water harvesting mechanisms, most of the Hyderabad roads were flooded with water. Not just the basic facilities were poor but the metro flyover which was constructed recently too turned into a water fall.

There were reports trending in social media that the metro flyover looks much impressive than a waterfall in an exotic location. Ofcourse, these comments were on the sarcastic side of the government’s work in the city. Looks like the TRS government has a lot to learn from this latest incident and the Telengana state needs to concentrate more on the rain water harvesting methods to save water and use it for the later time. Hope, government takes some action.