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Hyderabad Vs Chennai – Black money Tsunami war!


In the last few days, IT department was having sleepless nights. They were getting lots of calls from all over the nation and where ever they go for a raid, they are getting atleast a Crore. Hyderabad and Chennai were said to be the cities which were troubling the IT department to the peaks. It seems that the black money in these cities stunned IT officials.

A truck full of currency notes was caught by Shamshabad Police officials today. If any bank or any government body transfers money, there will be security guards and full protection to the asset. For this truck, there is no security and the Police officials were suspicious seeing the fear of the truck driver. When caught, they were stunned to see a truck full of currency notes.

In Chennai, around 90 Crores of cash and 100kgs of gold was caught in the house of a Binami. IT officials were busy checking few other black money holders. Black money tsunami war is in progress between Hyderabad and Chennai and we have to see which city tops at the end of the this year.