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Ignore Pk and his tweets:BJP core leaders


Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has been troubling the ruling party BJP with his series of questions via tweets. But the clever BJP leaders have taken a wise decision.

Despite fighting against the Janasena founder, the BJP Core leaders have asked the local Andhra Pradesh main leaders and charges to stay patient. From the last five days, Pawan Kalyan’s tweets are poking each and every BJP leaders. Local AP BJP leaders have decided to counter PK through press meets but the Main Telugu leader in the center K Venkaiah Naidu has ordered everyone to ignore Pawan Kalyan. He advised all the AP Party Cadre to stay calm and not to counter his comments. In his view, ignoring him is better as people will forget those tweets despite countering him and making him more famous. This is a nice move as counters will open few more new questions from PK.

Following the advice, all the AP BJP leaders stayed calm. Only one leader Andhra Pradesh BJP Chief and MP Haribabu opened his view on Pawan Kalyan. He stated that Pawan Kalyan has joined the Left parties alliances and he has been backed by them. According to him, the left parties have no future and soon the Janasena which allied with left parties will have no future as well. They are forgetting the fact that Pawan’s craze has helped BJP in a way to win the 2014’s elections. Criticizing him will add more fuel to already frustrated AP people regarding the Special Category Status. So what Venkaiah Naidu advised is the best for now.

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